Business Online Reviews

What customers say about you in online reviews can make or break your business. Without the best online reviews possible, you can miss out on incredible opportunities to build a positive online reputation that will help you reap higher returns on investment.

Online business reviews have become a crucial resource for online consumers in the last couple of years. If they want to know where they should go or which businesses they can trust, customers will more often than not turn to business reviews online for recommendations or advice.

The Internet has become a valuable guide for customers who want to purchase a product, look up a service, or find a business. Online business reviews, in particular, serve as sources of information that people trust to help them make informed decisions. In fact, more than 88% of consumers say that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. This makes online business reviews the second most trusted form of advertising.

With the exponential growth of the number of business review sites every year, your online reviews are powerful tools that can benefit—or harm—your business, depending on the way you manage them. A significant amount of positive or negative reviews will have an enormous impact on your business and will affect your online reputation as well as your future customers and profits.

What You Can Do to Improve Your Business Reviews Online

We at make it our job to help you get the best possible online reviews without all the hassle.

Through our revolutionary platform at, we give you the power to monitor your business reviews online while helping you increase positive reviews easily and effortlessly. And the best part of it all is that your reviews are created by real customers! Not only will this improve your online reviews in an organic and natural way, it will also make the whole process simple, too. By partnering with us, we can help turn your business reviews into your greatest asset.

Business Ratings

Online business ratings and reviews are usually made up of two parts: the customer’s review in text form, and the average star rating given to the business. Visitors in review sites often skip the text review to look at the star rating when looking up a business. With an effective and efficient way of managing your company reviews, especially your business’ star rating, you can protect your online reputation and improve your brand.

Star ratings provide consumers a very convenient visual method of evaluating the quality of a restaurant, hotel, store, or any kind of business, which is why a vast majority of visitors in review sites tend to look only at star ratings instead of going through all the customer reviews. Additionally, a 2011 study from the Harvard Business School says that there is a strong link between star ratings and the success of a business. According to the study, simply increasing a business’ average star rating by one can drive sales up by five to nine percent. Furthermore, companies that were able to achieve substantial improvements in ratings by several stars enjoyed huge spikes in sales.

The study strongly supports what Internet marketing professionals see in their work—that star ratings have a significant impact on business success. Knowing this, we at provide several tools to help businesses that want to improve their online reputation and stay clear of bad ratings.

At, we will leverage your customers’ positive experiences to promote your company. With our tools, your customers will be asked to provide you with a star ranking when they write an online review on your website. If the customer ranks you with a four or five-star rating, will invite him or her to post the review to other review sites.

Customers who give you a low star ranking will not be invited to do the same. Instead, you will receive an instant alert notifying you about your negative rating. This gives you an opportunity to reach out to these customers, find out what you can do to address their poor experience, and revise the review.

Business Review Sites

Online business reviews and the websites that feature them have grown immensely popular and influential in the way businesses are viewed on the Internet. With strategic online business reputation management, you can leverage the power of online reviews to drive your business towards success.

Why Business Reviews and Business Reputation Management Matter

Despite being one of your most valuable assets, your business’ reputation can sometimes feel as if it’s beyond your control. Today, consumers have become more vocal about what they like or do not like about a product or service, and online reviews and sites that share them provide these people with a platform where they can readily talk about your company.

At the same time, consumers are now paying more attention to what others have to say about a business. Thus, both positive reviews and complaints in review sites have become among the top influential factors that can drive customers to or away from your business.

No longer do people turn to newspapers or the Yellow Pages to find what they need. Today, most if not everyone go online to look up products and services. It’s now in online business reviews where consumers find faith when making the best decisions.

In short, your business’ success hangs on your online reputation. Consumers of today rely on what others think, and review sites provide them with the information they need. It’s for this reason why business reviews and review sites can significantly impact your business. And with the right reputation management, you can rest assured that your customers’ reviews will only be beneficial to your business.

No Small Matter – Small Business Reputation Management

It doesn’t matter whether you have a big or small business. In all likelihood, it has already been rated on at least one review site. As social beings, people will naturally want to talk about their experiences—both good and bad. You may already have garnered scathing remarks from an unsatisfied customer, or perhaps some praise for the quality of your products and services. Either way, online reviews will forever shape how your customers will see and do business with you.

With more customer reviews targeting small businesses today, it has become increasingly essential for small businesses to watch out for their online reputation. As a small business, it would be unwise for you to trust that your online reputation will take care of itself. Both positive and negative reviews can have a dramatic impact on your online reputation, and numerous complaints can very well hurt your reputation and your business.

The bottom line is that it is crucial for you to listen to what your customers say about your small business so you can take control of your online reputation. It may not seem possible at first, but you can actually change your customers’ negative opinions about your business. This is where we at can help. By partnering with us, we can transform your customer reviews into free advertising by turning your best and happiest customers into brand advocates. With our help, your business reviews online can serve as powerful tools that will drive your business to success.

Google Business Reviews

Does it seem like online business reviews are everywhere these days? That’s because they are. Even search engines such as Google have seen the appeal of online reviews and acknowledge their importance for businesses.

What Google Reviews Mean for Your Business

After establishing itself as a dominant figure in the world of search, Google expanded towards the realm of business reviews. To compete with popular business directories such as Bing Local and Yahoo! Local, the search engine giant upgraded its business reviews platform and transformed it into what is now Google+ Local.

But Google didn’t stop there. It also went on to incorporate its business reviews not only into its Google Maps and search results, but also into its popular mobile apps. The result of all this is that business reviews have become ubiquitous—readily accessible and visible to consumers no matter where they are, even while standing in front of your business.

When you register your business with Google+ Local, you can expect your reviews to appear in Google’s map and search engine results. This offers you the chance to attract customers and increase business, if you know how to take advantage of it.

Having great reviews on your Google business page means that your company can enjoy better rankings in Google’s listings, as well as increased exposure for your business. The opposite is also true: if you consistently get less than stellar reviews, your rankings will suffer, and your business will become less visible to potential customers.

What Can You Do to Improve Your Google Business Reviews?

Whether you like or not, your business’ listings will definitely be affected by business reviews on Google, most especially if you’re a local business. Google local business reviews hold great power and can help your business attract more customers and raise revenues when used to your advantage. With Google replacing the phone book as the go-to resource for information on stores, restaurants, and more, having stunning business reviews on your Google+ Local listing is definitely a must.

A good first step to taking control of your online business reviews is by having a Google+ Local profile. After you register with a profile you are proud to show the world, the next step is to collect positive business reviews. How do you do it? This is where we at come in. With our tools, we can make it easy for you to gather and share reviews from your customers. We will also help you monitor your online reviews so you can immediately take the necessary steps to address and remediate negative local business reviews on Google.

At, we make it easy for your customers to put a good word about your business by taking down the barriers that make it difficult for them to talk about and share their positive experiences with you. We will help you convert your happiest customers into your biggest advertisers with tools that allow them to write reviews at no trouble at all. With your positive reviews coming from your actual satisfied clients, you can be sure of improving your Google business reviews and your online reputation in an organic and natural way.

How Online Customer Reviews Can Impact Your Business

Both positive and negative reviews can significantly affect your business; while positive reviews will draw customers to your door, negative comments will scare them off and tarnish your company’s online reputation. That’s why it’s critical to have the best possible customer ratings and reviews if you aim to preserve the good name of your business.

Customer reviews and ratings are more than just a list of praises or complaints. Most consumers these days see them as helpful, trustworthy guides that tell them whether or not to do business with a company.

Online customer reviews have gained such clout than ever before, and a growing number of review sites are now giving consumers an avenue where they can freely express their opinions to an audience that’s willing to listen. All this underscores the power that online customer reviews have in advocating the good name of your company, or bringing it to ruin.

In today’s online world, customer reviews have become representative of what a company is or is capable of. If the reviews you’ve collected do not truly reflect your business, then it’s time for you take action to ensure that your reviews are in your favor.

How to Improve Your Customer Ratings and Reviews

Sadly, most customer reviews online do not necessarily reflect the excellent products or services a company offers. Even if your customers are satisfied doing business with you, most of them are often not willing to go the extra mile of writing a happy review about your business.

In contrast, people who’ve had a poor experience with a company are usually the ones who feel that they need to tell the world about their complaints. With an angry customer in the midst, you’d soon find them looking for a platform to vent out their frustrations. It’s because of this that negative customer reviews are far more common than positive ones.

We at fully understand this situation, which is why we aim to make it very easy for your customers to share their satisfaction with your business. By simply eliminating the barriers that make it inconvenient for customers to talk about their positive experience, we make the process of writing a good review simple and effortless, which in turn helps your business accumulate the praises you deserve.

And because your reviews are being written by your happy customers, the whole process of improving your online reputation is organic and natural. With your best and happiest customers as your biggest advocates, you can rest assured of enhancing your brand and getting the most out of your ROI.

Call us at 855-226-3583 to find out more about how our comprehensive reviews management platform can benefit your business.

Monitor Online Reviews

Knowing what your customers are saying about you, when they’re saying it, is a vital step in taking control of your online reputation. This is why it’s essential for you to keep track of your business reviews so you can quickly address negative reviews and transform them into positive ones right away.

Why Track Online Reviews?

What your customers say online can have a huge impact on your business. And with many platforms available today where they can share their praise or vent out their frustrations, it’s essential that you are able to keep track of your online reviews so you are always aware of what your customers say about you on the Internet.

Consumers today put their trust on online reviews. With websites such as Google+, Bing Local, Yahoo! Local, and even Facebook, it’s now a lot easier for your customers to find praises, as well as complaints, about your business. Online reviews have grown highly influential in defining a company’s online reputation, which is why it’s highly critical for you to stay on top of what your customers are saying about you—both good and bad. Monitoring your online reviews should therefore be part of your marketing plan to keep your good name in the clear.

How You Can Track Business Reviews

Monitoring your online business reviews is a crucial step in managing your online reputation. It’s only by tracking what your customers are saying that you can quickly catch negative opinions about your business so you can immediately work on improving them. It’s also by monitoring your online reviews that you can find customer praises that you can share to boost your online reputation.

At, we understand the need for businesses to monitor their business reviews online, but we also know how tedious the whole process can be. This is why we’ve developed the technology you need to help you keep track of your customer reviews without having you break your back. Our monitoring platform gives you the ability to monitor reviews in more than 150 review sites, all in real time! You also get detailed reports on a daily basis so you stay up-to-date with your online reputation.

You won’t have to stay in the dark about what your customers are saying about you. With monitoring tools from, you get to quickly address and turn negative comments around, as well as respond to and reward the good things that are being said about you as they are happening.

Review Opportunities

Research has shown that business success is increasingly becoming dependent on your reputation on the Internet, with the number of positive online reviews serving as a major contributing factor. Additionally, a study from the Pepperdine University School of Business says that online reviews come second in importance to personal recommendations. The study further reveals that 86% of consumers turn to online ratings for advice when they need to decide on which companies they should go to.

With this in mind, what then should you do to collect the reviews your business needs? There are so many ways for you to go about this, but to make the task easier, we at have developed a set of tools to help you. Our platform will enable you to leverage your positive customer reviews so you can improve your bottom line.

It may seem easy to just ask customers to write reviews for you, but how to do this exactly depends on the kind of business you have. A method that is universally applicable across businesses involves outfitting the company website with a special review link that will take customers to a comment form. We took this idea to develop our “Web Widgets” that will encourage customers on your website to write a review about your business. The technology includes a button that, when clicked by your customer, will bring out our proprietary review form that’s customized for you.

Please contact us at 855-226-3583 to learn more about how can be of service to your business.