Control Your Reputation. Empower Your Business.

You have hundreds of satisfied customers – give them the chance to boost your image!

Introducing the most comprehensive, effective, and easy to use online reputation management platform, anywhere!

Our review management tool is designed to address every online reputation issue quickly and efficiently. Our feature-rich system ensures thorough reputation remediation, so that you can take control of your reputation.



Setup new accounts in seconds!

Adding you account couldn’t be faster or easier. Just enter your business’s name, zip code, your email ID and password. Once you’re all set up, we can begin your remediation campaign – it’s that easy! You give us your name, and we’ll do the rest!

Bring team members in to your campaign.

Involve trusted colleagues, clients, and team members in your reputation restoration strategy with our inclusive platform options. With email alerts requesting feedback and notifying them of incoming reviews, you can have members within your organization helping with your online review management action plan from the very beginning, so you can start seeing results quickly. Customize their access levels, so that you always maintain control of your account.


Aggregate your reviews – monitor your good name.

Wouldn’t you love to have all of different review sites featuring your brand name sent to a single location for easy tracking? You can! We automatically collect reviews from all configured sites, every day. If you have a review site not presently supported, we’ll add it to the daily aggregation within 48 hours.

Minimum involvement – maximum impact.

Our proprietary online review management strategies are designed with the user in mind. Positive content is automatically approved, while negative content is addressed instantly, triggering email alerts for instant and aggressive resolution. Moreover, review requests are automated, without you ever having to ask directly.


Customize your account.

We’ve built a comprehensive and customizable series of customer relationship management tools, making your reputation management faster, easier, and more efficient. We feature an effective mobile app – perfect for digital marketing efforts beyond your review management campaign. You can upload customer lists in bulk using .csv format, offer incentives, personalize review request emails, and track/report your ratio of fans to detractors.

Monitor your ROI with our advanced analytics.

We give you the tools that allow you to see how your strategies are working, from the very beginning of your campaign. Report the number of new reviews, their sources, and the distribution of reviews by star rating. We provide advanced custom reporting based on your specific needs.


We aggregate your client reviews from all popular sites.

We collect your client reviews everyday from all popular sites and industry-specific vertical sites. You’ll see all your client reviews in one convenient place and receive email alerts for all new reviews.

Distribute positive content to influential sites.

You want the content that shows the very best of your business to appear at the top of the search engine rankings, and that’s we want, too! Not only do we help you cultivate excellent, informative content, we distribute it through effective and powerful channels. Through our partnership with CityGrid, the world’s largest content network, your client reviews will automatically get distribution to hundreds of sites, including CitySearch, Bing Local, Kudzu, Yellow Pages, Yellow Bot, MapQuest, CBS Local, etc. − that means exposure to 140 million users!